11 de septiembre de 2015

Konami revela oficialmente algunos detalles del editor de PES 2016

La web oficial de PES 2016 acaba algunos detalles del modo Editar, de momento la información se encuentra en ingles, actualizaremos la nota en cuanto podamos.

To help all our communities and hardcore fans out there, here’s a quick view on how to edit teams on PS4 in PES 2016!

First step! Getting your assets ready:

You need to place all the assets you want to apply into a folder named WEPES in a USB storage device.

The assets resolution can be between 64 x 64 and 2048 x 2048. JPEG and PNG formats are both accepted.

Once you have everything you need in your USB, place it into your PS4, go to edit mode and it’s on to the next part!

Second Step! Loading your assets:

Once in edit mode, select the “Data Management” option.

Now select “Import Images”

Here you can choose what type of image you want to import.

The limit of images for each element are as follows:

Strips: 340 aprox.

Team Emblems: 3359 aprox.

Competition Emblems: 50 aprox.

Managers: 3357 aprox.

Once you have chosen the correct element, you can then choose which images you want to import.

Now that you’ve imported all the necessary images, on to the next step!

Third step! Applying your edits:

We’re all set to apply your custom edits, so of course, the first step will be choosing the team you wish to edit!

Still in edit mode, select the Team you wish to edit.

In this example, we edited the team’s strip. You can upload your custom kit by selecting the option “Paste Image” and selecting the appropriate image.

You can also edit your Team’s Emblem!

The Emblem will be shown in the team selection screen along with the custom name you give your team across all game modes.

And finally for all teams you can also import a custom manager portrait and name.

Your manager will be shown in the team detail section!

We hope that with this information you will be fully prepared to enjoy our edit mode on PES 2016.

Happy Editing!

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