9 de octubre de 2012

El bug de los tiros libres en el Online será solucionado vía DLC

Como todos saben el bug de los tiros libres en el modo Online sigue presente en Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, nos referimos al error en el que después de unos segundo la CPU tira automáticamente los tiros libres que casi siempre terminan en gol.
Ahora bien el usuario @mvrander, del foro de PESFan.com, ha recibido un email por parte del Konami Support Team en donde le informan que el bug de los tiros libres será solucionado en el próximo DLC, ademas el equipo de soporte de Konami deja algunas recomendaciones para denunciar a los usuarios que no respetan las reglas o juegan sucio en PES 2013.

Dear Martin,
Thank you very much for contacting the Konami Support Team.
We are aware of all those problems and we totally understand your frustration about those cheaters who are ruining the online PES 2013 experience.
Unfortunately, some players do not respect the rules of fair play set for PES 2013. We do our best to prevent such behavior in various ways: technical restrictions and monitoring of players. But it is impossible to ensure that such incidents do not occur more. In order to investigate the problem you raise and take the necessary steps, we ask that you kindly provide us with the following information:
- The name of player

- The date and time of connection to the incident
- If possible, a screenshot of the incident
- If possible, the name of the server or lobby affected.
- The platform that you use to play (PC/PS3/Xbox360)
We will take a look into the described incident and be sure that actions will be taken to punish them.
However the next DLC will fix the free kick problem.
Please note that as a method to protect the privacy of each user, any penalty or restriction that may be imposed on the account of a given user will not be disclosed to another.
Best regards,

Your Konami Support Team

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